Instrument Rating

Earn your instrument rating to hit the skies with the skills you need!

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Earn Your Instrument Rating

Elevate your flying expertise with our Instrument Rating (IR) course! Our cutting-edge program integrates the aircraft and latest simulator, guided by expert instructors with real-world experience. From mastering IFR procedures to hands-on instrument flying, our comprehensive curriculum ensures you're ready for any sky. Benefit from the Jeppesen advantage, using top-notch navigation materials to enhance your skills. Our simulator sessions make the transition to real-world IFR conditions seamless. With a focus on regulatory excellence, you'll navigate confidently while complying with all IFR regulations. Enroll today, and let's soar together into a future of precision and confidence in the skies!


  • Must be 17 years old

  • Must read, write, speak, and understand English

  • Must have at least a Private Pilot Certificate and have 50 XC hours

  • Must have at least a third-class FAA medical certificate

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Course Description

As a leading provider of the top flight training in Dallas, we are proud to offer you the programs required to reach your goals as a pilot, including earning your instrument rating. An instrument rating allows pilots to fly in the clouds or in conditions where outside visual reference is not possible. The rating develops the pilot's advanced navigation and piloting skills.

Here at Golf Aero, we developed a program to obtain your instrument rating; our program consists of the following:

  • 40 hours of dual (Flight Instruction)

  • Instrument rating ground school

  • Complete course kit (Electronic Flight Bag)


Estimate based on the realistic average hours needed to obtain the Instrument Rating.

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Cessna 172

  • 20 hours of dual instruction on Aircraft

  • 20 hours of dual instructor on Flight Simulator (Redbird MCX)

  • 10 hours one-on-one ground with a flight instructor

  • Full course kit (EFB)

  • FAA DPE Check-ride Fee

Only $10,690

*A Total number of hours depends upon the student’s aptitude towards flying, study habits, student’s availability, and weather conditions.

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