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Part 135 Pathway with 500 Hours (with 142 hours of Multi Engine) in 15 Months

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How Does It Work?

Once you obtain your Private Pilot Certificate, the next crucial step is to accumulate flight hours to reach the target of 500 hours. This phase involves undertaking training for an Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Multi-Engine ADD-ON Rating as well as Multi engine Instructor Initial rating, After successfully Graduating from course with 294 hours we will sponsor you the rest 100 hours on Multi and 106 hours of Single Engine Time ,Opting for this program offers significant advantages since many Part 135 operators typically require a minimum of 500 hours of total flight time, including at least 50 hours of multi-engine time, for consideration as a first officer. Engaging in commercial pilot licenses and multi-engine instructor rating will enhance your chances of qualifying for such job opportunities.

Our program will have you complete all your required certificates and ratings and reach 500 hours in 15 Months!


The total cost of this program is $91,050 (All administration fees, books, and supplies included)!

Financing Available!

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We are partnered with Meritize for financing options. Unlike most lenders, Meritize goes beyond just looking at your FICO score and considers your academic or military achievements to enhance your credit evaluation and potentially improve your loan options. Even students who may lack a co-borrower can improve their loan options by sharing their past merits.

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Our Total Course Package Including housing is $ 110,550 (All utilities included)!

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